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I see that NSTA has just published the Tool Kit for Teaching Evolution by Judy Elgin Jensen.
According to its description,
Teaching evolution is part of the core biology curriculum, and this new resource provides a teacher-ready summary of the scientific, legal, and ethical talking points for discussion of the topic. Compiled by NSTA with input from the National Center for Science Education, the NSTA Tool Kit for Teaching Evolution pulls together historical facts, scientific data, legal precedent, and other invaluable information for answering the all-too-common question of “Why teach evolution?” Biology and life science teachers will appreciate this resource, complete with classroom activities, for its ability to help you cover a relevant issue with depth and pedagogical support.
This is a very powerful resource that should be on the bookshelf of every science teacher, whether or not you teach biology. Did I say “bookshelf”? Of course you can order a hard copy, but as an NSTA member, you can download a PDF version as a free (free!) e-book for your virtual bookshelf.
The book suggests a variety of print and on-line resources, including SciLinks keywords: evolution teaching resources, evolution, history of evolution, Darwin, genome research, speciation, phylogenetic trees, antibiotic resistance, and human evolution.
For additional resources on the teaching of evolution, check out a previous blog entry on Evolution with some of my favorite sites.

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