Science Matters to Minnesota!

NSTA Executive Director Francis EberleWhat does SciGirls, Bonsais, wind turbines, pasta bridges have in common? They all are aspects of the science rich community of Minneapolis, MN. The first Science Matters community event was held on Saturday morning for elementary science teachers and parents. It was a great success. There were 200 + people, stations to do science, lots free materials and great community resources and ideas for teachers and parents. The participants interacted with at least 15 community organizations.
The need to reach parents is critical for all of us. A recent survey conducted by Intel indicated parents felt better prepared to talk with their child about drugs than science or mathematics. We need to provide them with the examples, ideas, and information for them to support their child.
This approach to engage elementary teachers and parents will be offered at other NSTA conferences in Phoenix and Ft. Lauderdale in cooperation with local PBS stations.  Local hosts and sponsors in Minneapolis included Twin Cities Public Television and 3M. It was really great to see the enthusiasm for Science Matters in MN. We think this will be the case elsewhere, too.
—Francis Eberle
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