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Cover image of Ensuring Success in Math and ScienceYour challenge: Show all of the students in your classroom how science affects every aspect of their lives. Need help? Randolf Tobias, an award-winning author, educator, and curriculum specialist, is going to provide it during his presentation at the NSTA conference in Fort Lauderdale.

Tobias will tell you how to reach students from all backgrounds and cultures, especially those at-risk of missing out on a good education. And he’ll explain how to make your classroom a place where students realize why they should learn science, and how fun learning it can be. As I read about his work, I’m struck by the range of his expertise. He has worked with teachers, schools, school districts, and universities, both here in the U.S. and internationally.
District Administration: The Magazine of School District Management calls his latest book—Ensuring Success in Math and Science: Curriculum and Teaching Strategies for At-Risk Learners—“one of the most useful resources for K–12 education.” Perhaps he’ll share some of the lesson plans and family activities from the book.

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