Books: cutting the cord

I love books. Not only do they overflow the various bookshelves in my house, but they also fill boxes (and boxes!) tucked away in many of my closets. So naturally I spend most of my conference time in the Science Store.

I am the managing editor of NSTA’s book publishing program, and I feel the same pride and affection toward NSTA’s titles that I imagine parents feel for their children. And at NSTA’s conferences I get the chance to watch the books leave my protective custody and head out into the world.
Here in Ft. Lauderdale I’ve been delighted to meet the teachers and curriculum developers who use our books in their everyday lives. I’ve especially enjoyed watching the teachers interact with our authors. One teacher walked into the store, spotted Page Keeley (the best-selling and award-winning author of the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series), and squealed, “I love her!” Another teacher, who after 20 years of teaching other grades, found herself again teaching sixth grade science and determined that Bill Robertson’s eight Stop Faking It! books were exactly what she needed to refamiliarize herself with the subject matter. There was the teacher tasked with creating a new science curriculum, one that was not NSES dependent. I showed him a copy of Anne Tweed’s Designing Effective Science Instruction, and his eyes lit up. And of course the Picture-Perfect books. Karen Ansberry and Emily Morgan’s award-winning classroom approach blends fiction and nonfiction children’s trade books with elementary science instruction. Their two books—and the handy book packs that collect all the trade books used in the lessons—have been particularly big hits here in Florida.
Thank you for introducing yourselves to me, for sharing how you use our books, and for giving us so many ideas for what other resources you’d also like to see. Your feedback is both helpful and gratifying, and reminds me why I love my job.
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