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What’s New, 2/22/2010
On our listservs, there are great conversations about meiosis and fruit flies on our Biology list, reaction rates on our Chemistry list, teaching seasons and stars on our Earth Science list, density on our General Science list, and toilets (yes, you read that correctly) on our Physics list.
In the NSTA online professional learning communities, there is a great discussion going on in the forums attached to the Aha Moments Group about teaching cell cycles.
On our “core site” ( everyone’s gearing up for our National Conference on Science Education this March 17 – 21 in Philadelphia. Write your own declaration of independence and join your fellow educators this March in Philadelphia!
On Facebook, lots of folks have been discussing plans for the National Conference.
On Linkedin,  you can now find a jobs subgroup, that re-posts all of the listings on the NSTA Career Center.
And of course all our science educator Tweeps are tweeting and re-tweeting about all the free resources available to science educators from NSTA!

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