The Frugal Science Teacher, 6–9: Strategies and Activities

School budget challenges coupled with the general state of the national economy has resulted in the need for teachers to not only be prudent but also imaginative. Former NSTA president and current Science and Children editor Linda Froschauer outlines creative and inexpensive ways for sixth through ninth-grade science teachers to keep their expenses to a minimum. In her new book published by NSTA Press, The Frugal Science Teacher, 6–9: Strategies and Activities, Froschauer carefully selected NSTA Press book chapters and NSTA journal articles that suggest untapped resources for materials, ways to recycle items you already have on hand, inexpensive alternatives to costly classroom projects, and activities that require little to no funds. Until economic recovery takes a firmer hold for school districts and for us all, take a few tips from The Frugal Science Teacher, 6–9, to keep science students engaged.

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