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What’s New for May on NSTA’s various online outposts
Many of you are wanting to download the resources from the conference in Philadelphia. Here’s how.
On our listservs, flood relief efforts for a school in Tennessee are being arranged on our Chemistry list, and the brain and our senses is being discussed in the General Science listserv.
In NSTA’s online professional learning communities, make sure to check out all the presentation resources for our Philadelphia Conference.
On our “core site” ( read about National Lab Day and get involved!
On Facebook, discussions abound about summer activities and the coming end of the school year..
On LinkedIn, lots of discussions about biology teaching.
And of course, on our Twitter stream, science educators are tweeting and re-tweeting about an opportunity to fly a microgravity flight!
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  1. Laura Peck says:

    Still trying to get hold of the four middle school science teachers at Harpeth Middle in Cheatham TN in order to see what materials they’ve lost that we might be able to gather together for them. I’ll be going by there personally soon. Will be contacting administrators tomorrow. They are no longer under water and perhaps they’ll have phone/power as well.
    There have been many Metro Nashville Schools impacted as well, though mostly minor in nature. So us ‘Metro teachers’ are doing ok. We’ll be busy trying to reschedule EOC week, Senior Finals week and Finals week. So far it is up in the air as to if the State Education Department will require us to make up the days – or forgive them. We’ve already gone through a month of mandatory 30 minute overtime each day in order to make up the snow days since we’d used all of those up plus some.
    Several counties downriver from Nashville are still being flooded. One of the main dams has 9′ of water flowing OVER it. Pray for them.

  2. Laura,
    It’s been also suggested via email that you get in touch with our Tennessee Chaoter, TNSTA. Here’s the contact information:
    Tennessee Science Teachers,
    Any Tenn teacher in need could post such on TNSTA website.
    Teachers should contact webmaster:

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