New "Quiz Manager" in SciLinks

Perhaps you’ve used the “Favorite Websites” feature of SciLinks, in which you can create lists of websites to share with students.
The new Quiz Manager takes this a step further. You can create questions for a particular website in the SciLinks database and assign students to complete them. You would need to have a class roster first, and then you’re ready to start. There are mini-tutorials on SciLinks that guide you through the process of creating question banks and show what the student activity looks like. You can create “selected response” items (multiple-choice, T/F, matching) and short-answer response questions. After the student is finished with the assignment, the teacher gets a report on how students answered the items and can comment and grade the short-answer ones.

Teachers can work together to create and share a common item bank for a website, or you can choose to keep the questions just for your class.
I’m thinking of how I would use this feature. I was never a big fan of the “read the chapter and answer the questions at the end” type of assignment, unless the students knew there was a specific purpose (e.g., review or preview). While taking a SciLinks “quiz,” the student can have the web page open, so questions for which you expect the students to have memorized the answer would not be appropriate. But I could see this used as an application assessment:

  • Apply a unit concept or vocabulary to information on the web. What type of rock is pictured here? a. igneous  b. sedimentary c. metamorphic
  • Interpret a graph. The independent variable in this experiment is ___.  a. the elapsed time b. the height of the plant   c. the amount of water provided.
  • Gather student reflections, feedback, or questions about the information on a site. What characteristics did this scientist exhibit in her study? or What do you think was the most difficult part of this simulation

Feel free to add a comment with other suggestions for using this tool!
Extra value alert: The tutorials were created with Jing—a free online application that captures screens, cursor movements, and voice and creates a file that can be added to a website or blog. I’ve used this for tutorials and demonstrations. The basic version is free (and fun to play with).

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5 Responses to New "Quiz Manager" in SciLinks

  1. Robert G Babb says:

    need to make quiz

  2. Joan Shinkle says:

    Where is the tutorial for the Quiz Manager?

  3. MaryB says:

    Go to the SciLinks website and log in. Click on the My SciLinks tab. At the top of the page you should see the heading “Quiz Tool Notice” with two brief videos to guide you through an overview from a teacher’s and a student’s perspective.

  4. Laura Grimm says:

    Hi! Quiz manager is TERRIFIC! My goal this school year is to be a paper-less as possible and this new tool will help a lot in this effort.
    I do have one question, however. I set up a quiz and a fake class just to practice. In the window where I graded the short answer questions there was a link to add a comment. This hotlink didn’t take me anywhere I could add a comment for the student. Any suggestions?
    Also, Will the quizzes I create be kept in my “cash” so that I can access them again next school year?
    NSTA is the Best!

  5. David E.S.K. Gbongbo says:

    I do I become a member and have full access to SciLinks materials.

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