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As a SciLinks user, you have access to thousands of websites in the database. An intrepid group of reviewers called NSTA Webwatchers—made up of science teachers—work behind the scenes to search for potential entries and review them for inclusion in SciLinks. Let’s meet a few of them.

Anne Wolff

Anne Wolff, a graduate of Sacramento State University, is credentialed in multiple subjects and special education in both California and Washington. She is an independent consultant, and has been a SciLinks reviewer since 2003. Anne was team leader for a “Webwatchers Summer Institute,” and is an alumnus of the NASA/New program. In 2002 she was awarded a Lysol grant for her lesson plan “Wash Your Hands!” Anne is proud to be part of the SciLinks team. “SciLinks brings the best of the web to teachers and students. It’s a real timesaver and essential part of any science curriculum.”
Carol Sue Laskey has been a SciLinks reviewer for NSTA since 1999. She graduated from Clarion University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education majoring in Special Education/Rehabilitative Sciences with a minor in Gerontology. She also earned a Masters of Education in Special Education. Carol Sue has been an elementary learning support teacher with the Titusville Area School District since 1999. A native of McConnellsburg, PA, she currently resides in Oil City, PA. The most important aspect of her life is her family.  Her hobbies (when she’s not reviewing websites) include crossstitch, reading, and woodworking.
Michael Calhoun is a veteran science teacher and hosts an online science website. Over the years Mike has studied trends in science, education, and finance, conducting research, developing programs, and writing articles on these topics. Mike is a graduate of the City University of New York and New York University and has also completed post-graduate level training in classroom technology applications and interactive web-based e-learning design at the University of Virginia. As a resident of the Gulf Coast of Florida he enjoys the warm, sunny weather, the beaches, and has a passion for cross-country cycling.

Norma Holowach

A SciLinks reviewer since 2002, Norma Holowach is a National Board Certified Teacher with 24 years of experience. Over that time she taught biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and general science. Her students ranged from grades 7–12 in urban and rural districts. She is currently teaching biology and chemistry at Lakeview High School in Cortland, Ohio. A graduate of Youngstown State University, Norma earned a B.S. degree in biology with minors in chemistry and education. She received her Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Ashland University. In addition to her formal education, she has traveled to many of our national parks and loves learning about the natural world. “I have a deep appreciation for nature and enjoy activities that allow me to expand my knowledge of the stars, wildflowers, and birds.” In addition to reading and traveling, Norma collects fossils and minerals.

Mary Bigelow

Mary Bigelow has been a SciLinks reviewer since 1999 and has over 35 years of experience as a science teacher (grades 7–12) and in professional development. She is a graduate of Penn State’s science education program and earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems from Penn State. The most recent adventure was “retooling” (not retiring) and spending more time writing for NSTA, hiking and birdwatching at state and national parks, and volunteering at a nearby nature center. “SciLinks is a wonderful tool for teachers, and it’s been great to see it evolve and expand over the years. As a reviewer, I really enjoy learning about new topics in science.”

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