What's new on NSTA's various online social media outposts

What’s New for July 5th on NSTA’s various online outposts

Highlights of stimulating conversations taking place right now on our listservs:

  • Biology—Evolutionary, biological, and anatomical misconceptions, Biology Art Projects, and CheeseMaking for gifted elementary students;
  • Chemistry—alcohol and flame test;
  • Earth Science—Microfossil Sand Collection;
  • Elementary Science—teaching the concept of the mole;
  • Pedagogy—understanding labs;
  • Physical Science—class instant response systems;

In NSTA’s online professional learning communities, we welcome our 20 new users this past week, and forum posts involving rates of reaction are being discussed.
On our “core site” (www.nsta.org): our web news digest is active with stories on teachers getting training on oil spills, and cotton candy, and roller coasters.
On Facebook, NASA and classwish.org are posting links to various programs for science educators.
On LinkedIn, more direct posts from NSTA’s Career Center, and discussions about springtime ferns and next generation education.
And of course, on our Twitter stream, science educators are tweeting and re-tweeting about several freebies that NSTA offers, the upcoming national San Francisco conference, and more!
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  1. mole remover says:

    What is a mole in science or chemistry anyway? Is there any other word that can say it has 3 definitions, even 4 if you count mole sauce from Mexico. Just a thought.

  2. found here says:

    I have been teaching a class and we are looking at this subject in the next week. I will be directing my student to look at your post for good

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