What's new for July 19th on NSTA’s various online outposts

Highlights of stimulating conversations taking place right now on our listservs:

  • Biology—Blood typing, first day activities, board games, job interview help;
  • Chemistry—Student response systems (clickers), and the chemical differences between plastic and vinyl;
  • Earth Science—More recommendations on what sort of GPS device to buy;
  • Physics—Selecting the right whiteboard for your needs.

In NSTA’s online professional learning communities, we welcome our 13 new users this past week.
On our “core site” (www.nsta.org): learn about how NSTA is involved with National Lab Day and check out our web news digest, which is active with stories on the elusive Higgs Boson particle and how body shape may affect mental acuity.
On Facebook, science educators are discussing weather warnings, chemical disposal, and NASA’s Cassini Scientist for a Day program.
On LinkedIn, more direct posts from NSTA’s Career Center, and discussions about bluebirds and wood ducks.
And of course, on our Twitter stream, science educators are tweeting and re-tweeting about several freebies that NSTA offers, the upcoming national San Francisco conference, and more!
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