A global online science fair?

I was just reading about Google’s Global Online Science Fair. My first thought was why didn’t I think of that? But even if I had, it would have been mere seconds considering the scale of such a thing to squash any chance of mustering the necessary resources and financial backing.
While there are many upsides to a face-to-face science fair, the potential for an archived, digital, global presentation has some tremendous advantages for giving the projects life beyond the trifold.
Students aged from 13–18 from around the world are encouraged to submit their entries between now and April 4. Having judged more than my share of science fairs, I can only imagine the logistics of something of this magnitude. In fact, it would take a company like Google along with its friends in high places to pull it off with the grace and dignity the students deserve.
But on a side note, think for a moment about the spinoffs including the scope of projects, the communication (There are several blogs), the rubbing digital shoulders with famous scientists, and the career potential.
The unfolding of this science fair will really be something to watch.

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3 Responses to A global online science fair?

  1. Joanna says:

    What a fabulous idea this is. Technology changes as fast as we can adapt to it. The time is over for science fair tri-fold presentations in a gym. Imagine how far reaching the ideas from can be.

  2. Danielle Parsons says:

    Online science fairs would be fantastic. My daughter is a regional Science Fair judge and I always want to go with her when she judges. To have projects online to view and explore would be great. Thanks for the opportunity to give input.
    Science Fair projects for girls— Danielle Parsons

  3. Dr. Whitney Elmore says:

    On behalf of Paul Miller, Director of Global Initiatives, at the National Association of Independent Schools and myself, I would like your assistance with recruiting volunteers. Paul and I are involved with a domestic Virtual Science Fair, held every spring, that is part of an international consortium. We are entering our third year of competition and our US students have competed very well to date. One of the unusual aspects of our program involves the use of “e-mentors.” These e-mentors are carefully chosen science educators, organizational members and scientists from across the globe. We utilize the e-mentors to guide students online in a secure environment in development and execution of their science projects. This unique opportunity has proven to be especially helpful to the student and an excellent opportunity for service for the professional. We, at the NAIS VSF, would be proud to include folks from your organization as volunteer e-mentors. If you’d like more information, or would like to speak by phone, please feel free to contact me at 478-955-6650 or email me at:wecelmore@gmail.com. If any of your staff members are interested, especially your students, and would like to speak with me, please pass along my information. Paul and I anticipate your response and hope to begin working with your team of professionals this coming spring. We would be honored to include NASA in this program.
    Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Dr. Whitney Elmore
    Director, NAIS Virtual Science Fair
    Assistant Professor of Biology
    Natural Sciences & Engineering Department
    Macon State College
    100 College Station Drive
    Macon, GA 31206

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