Video analysis

Video analysis is a powerful tool to help physics students understand motion and other phenomena. For example, in this video by Dale Basler (physics teacher and co-host of Lab Out Loud), students can analyze the speed and position time graph of the camera in a grocery store checkout line.

Grocery Store Conveyor Belt Stops from Dale Basler on Vimeo.

One of Basler’s grocery store videos was a grand prize winner in a recent Vernier video analysis competition. Check out the winners here.

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2 Responses to Video analysis

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for this post! I love this. I think that videos are a fantastic way to capture students’ attention and they are used far too little in today’s classroom. Just today I showed my students a video of a feather and a penny falling inside a tube, once with air and once without air. They had never seen it before and were fascinated! It was great to be able to show it in slow-motion so they could really see that they would fall together without any air resistance.
    I followed some of your links and stumbled upon this video project you made and I think it is a fabulous idea!
    This inspires me to think more creatively about how I can use videos in the classroom. Thank you for your great ideas and hard work!

  2. Sha'Neice C. Davis says:

    Science is like playing some times and i love to be like a stundent to help so that u so much thanks very much for latting me post my comments on yall website.

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