And the award goes to…

Thomasena WoodsI just had the honor of being a guest at the NSELA breakfast—a star-studded event if I ever saw one in the science education community! At the breakfast, Jason Painter of North Carolina was named this year’s recipient of the Outstanding Leadership in Science Education Award, given by Pearson Publishing Company and the National Science Education Leadership Association. Painter was unable to attend, but was recognized by Dr. Thomasena Woods of NASA’s Langley Research Center. As I was peeking at the program, I noticed that Dr. Woods herself was the winner of an NSTA award. What a testimonial to the importance of collaboration among our members. Congratulations to both Jason and Thomasena!

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  1. Renee Anderson says:

    Thanks for all the awesome sessions–Rolling Racers, Penny Drop, NSTA Press-Inside Out!! Great Job!

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