February's most-popular resources in the NSTA Science Store

Most Popular NSTA Press Books

  1. Science the “Write” Way
  2. Doing Good Science in Middle School: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Instruction
  3. Picture-Perfect Science Lessons, Expanded 2nd Edition: Using Children’s Books to Guide Inquiry, 3-6
  4. STEM Student Research Handbook
  5. Science Stories: Using Case Studies to Teach Critical Thinking

Most Popular NSTA Press e-Books and e-Chapters

  1. The NSTA Reader’s Guide to A Framework for K–12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and Core Ideas (e-book)
  2. The Nature of Science and Science Inquiry (e-chapter)
  3. BSCS 5E Instructional Model (e-chapter)
  4. Why Read Pictures Books in Science Class? (e-book)
  5. The Virus Debate (e-chapter)

Most Popular NSTA Journal Articles

  1. A Sun-Earth-Moon Activity to Develop Student Understanding of Lunar Phases and Frames of Reference
  2. Bringing Antarctica Home
  3. Springing Into Inquiry: Using Student Ideas to Investigate Seasons
  4. Designing Design Challenges: Getting the Details Right
  5. Mendel’s Modern Legacy
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