Baby laughter…what do they laugh at?

Baby about to laughWhile you’re looking forward to winter break, here’s a way you can have fun and do a little bit of science data collecting to contribute to a citizen science project.
The Baby Laughter project would like to know what kinds of things babies find funny. Who are the funniest people? What are the funniest songs, sounds, toys and games? What are the funniest parts of your baby’s daily routine?
Psychologists at Birkbeck Babylab are inviting the public to submit a simple field report describing how you made a baby laugh. They think babies are going to be laughing at things that they are just starting to understand. Your data will help them learn what babies understand at different ages. The report is anonymous, confidential and takes about 15-20 minutes to complete.
This sounds like a great project for families of preschoolers with baby siblings.

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