New Leadership in the Nexus of Science and Literacy

CBC-Sticker_finalNSTA Recommends and the Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 (OSTB) list bid a fond farewell to Juliana Texley, who has moved on to a new role as President-Elect of NSTA. Texley was present “at the creation” of Recommends, NSTA’s book review program—kicking it off in 2000 and since then monitoring its quality and consistently expanding its reach as our Lead Reviewer. She has played the same kind of “guiding light” role in developing our annual OSTB list.
Under Texley’s stewardship, the National Science Teachers Association has become the leading voice in conversations around science literacy and education. Through our NSTA Recommends review program, we review science education resources; and through our Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 list (produced annually in collaboration with the Children’s Book Council), we develop a yearly list of the best science trade books for students. Our work in these areas is done almost entirely by educators who volunteer their time to read, consider the validity and quality of the science featured, and determine what will be most highly valued by their peers. Teachers trust the reviews, and publishers seek our guidance in crafting resources that are both appealing and appropriate for the science education community.
As Texley moves into her new role, we are delighted to announce that we’ve found a superb replacement in Suzanne Flynn. Flynn has long served as a reviewer for Recommends and been a valuable contributor to the OSTB committee. She retired from the classroom in 2005 but still does online science teaching for Lesley University and Cambridge College.
Moving forward, we see great things in the offing for both Recommends and the OSTB list. For example, Recommends has now expanded into reviewing apps, e-books, and online curricula. Further, each year brings new and outstanding books submitted by a widening circle of publishers—allowing our OSTB  list to truly become the definitive roster of all the “Best of the Best” in children’s science trade books.

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