“Engineering the Engineering: Connecting the Why to the How”: Featured Strand at NSTA Conference in Denver, CO, December 12-14

This December, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Engineering the Engineering: Connecting the Why to the How” at our Conference on Science Education in Denver, CO, December 12–14.
Engineering effectively provides foundational knowledge in science, technology, and math through innovative and creative approaches in the classroom, giving all students an opportunity to prepare for their roles in this technology-rich world. This strand will highlight classroom practices that emphasize skills in critical thinking, leadership, problem solving, collaboration, communication, media, and technology in the transdisciplinary context of STEM.
Sessions organized around this strand include a featured presentation on Friday, December 13 12:30–1:30 PM (“Engineering Speed: Using NASCAR to Engage Students in Math, Science, and Engineering”) by Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky (Professor of Physics, West Virginia University, Author of The Physics of NASCAR: Morgantown, WV). More sessions on Engineering include the following:

  • Engineering Solutions: Green Energy and Green Building
  • Engineering: Integrate the 3Ds in the NGSS
  • Invention Convention with an Ecological Twist
  • Fueling the Future: Energy Interconnections and Sustainable Choices
  • Can a Shoebox Fly?
  • It’s eleSTEMary! STEM Education from Classroom to Community!
  • The Amazing Atlatl
  • Helping Students Teach Old “Dogs” New Tricks in Energy Savings

Want more? Check out more than 400 sessions and other events with the Denver Session Browser/Personal Scheduler.

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