Science of ice, brief explanation

winter_olympics2014For all those who are experiencing the solid form of water or teaching about it, here is a cool video from the National Science Foundation (NSF) about the science of ice. In this short video, athletes J.R. Celski, Britanny Bowe, and Gracie Gold talk about the ice they like and mathematician Ken Golden of the University of Utah explains why the unique surface of ice enables the slide and glide of winter sports. The science is several levels above early childhood understanding but it’s good for teachers to stretch ourselves as we prepare to answer at least part of our students’ questions at an age appropriate level.
The NSF has other videos about the science and engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Add your favorite resource about water in any form by commenting below.
Children’s books about using ice:
The Best Figure Skater in the Whole Wide World by Linda Bailey, illustrated by Alan and Lea Daniel (2003 Kids Can Press)
Ice!: The amazing story of the ice business by Laurence Pringle (2012 Calkins Creek)
Ice and People by Nikki Bundey (2000 Lerner Publications Co.)
Ice Palace by Deborah Blumenthal, illustrated by Ted Rand (2003 Clarion)
Happy sliding!

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