Joys of summer

Children play year-round but some media for play is more easily used in summer.┬áSome recent play that I’ve observed:
Observing the motion of wood chip mulch as it is shaken back and forth on a spring rider.
Child puts mulch on a spring rider on the playground.
Child shakes the mulch off a spring rider on the playground.
Using tools to move water and observe its flow.
Children observe water as it flows into, and out of, a jug.Child tries to fit water into a tube.
Making a tunnel in the sand (damp but not frozen like it often is in winter!).
Child digs a tunnel in sand.
“Cooking” with leaves and sticks found at the end of a parking lot. One child asked, “Is this a useful plant?” We talked about a definition of weeds and how she wanted to use the plant.

Documenting where the shadow is in the morning, and planning to re-visit the outline in the afternoon.
I hope to have this much fun learning all summer!

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