20 Essential NSTA Awards You Can Learn About in 15 Minutes


MMYM_15minBeing a member of NSTA immerses you in a community of educators interested in pushing themselves and their colleagues toward better science education. NSTA has 20 awards for educators and teachers who demonstrate their passion for science education every day.

Recognition not only moves science education forward, but also brings affirmation to hard-working educators. NSTA will recognize hundreds of science teachers at the 2016 National Conference on Science Education in Nashville this March. You could be one of them.

In just 15 minutes, you can browse these awards to see which one is right for you—or for a teacher you know is going above and beyond. Most 2015 award deadlines are fast approaching, so here are some highlights:

Have you been an NSTA member for more than 10 years? This award recognizes NSTA members who have made extraordinary contributions to science education through personal commitment to education and significant contributions to the profession that reflect dedication to NSTA as well the entire educational community.

Deadline: November 30

Sponsored by Dow Chemical Company, the Robert H. Carleton Award is NSTA’s highest honor. The award recognizes one individual who has made outstanding contributions to, and provided leadership in, science education at the national level and to NSTA in particular.

Deadline: November 30

This award provides selected K–12 teachers (up to 25) in their first five years of teaching with funds to attend the annual NSTA National Conference on Science Education. Award recipients will be mentored, tracked, and provided with continuing opportunities for meaningful involvement with NSTA and its activities.

Deadline: November 30

This award recognizes six full-time K–12 teachers of science who successfully use innovation and excellence in their classroom.

Deadline: November 30

Are you passionate about science education? Do not miss your chance to share what you’ve done with NSTA and share your success with the wider science education community.

More Time?

If you haven’t already, make sure to keep the monthly NSTA Reports Grab Bag, which features Freebies for Science Teachers. Learn about national competitions and awards from across the nation and around the globe.

Not a member of NSTA? Learn more about how to join.

Laura Berry of Cogberry Creative is our guest blogger for this series. Laura is a communications professional for the education community.

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