It’s a Great Time for the Latest Next Time You See Books

Emily Morgan, popular NSTA Press co-author of the Picture-Perfect Science Lessons series, has recently added three new books to the Next Time You See series: Next Time You See a Maple Seed, Next Time You See the Moon, and Next Time You See a Pill Bug.

In a note to parents and teachers, Morgan explains that “the books in this series are intended to be read with a child after he or she has had some experience with the featured objects or phenomena….The Next Time You See books are not meant to present facts to be memorized. They were written to inspire a sense of wonder about ordinary objects or phenomena and foster a desire to learn more about the natural world.”

mapleseedWhat we often call maple seeds are really the fruit produced by a maple tree. These winged fruits are known as samaras. They are also a source of delight for children as they watch them spin through the air like tiny helicopters. Have you and your students ever wondered why they do that? Learn about maple seeds and what it takes for one to actually grow into a maple tree.

moonThe Moon has fascinated mankind through the ages. Its beauty and changing shape have inspired art, music, poetry, and storytelling throughout history. Have you and your students ever discussed why the Moon appears to have different shapes at different times of the month? The explanations and stunning photography in this book can help your students understand more about the Moon’s orbit and its different phases.

pillbugThe pill bug is a tiny roly-poly creature often found under rocks. Studying these members of the crustacean family, you and your students will learn that pill bugs are actually isopods, which means that all 14 of their feet are the same. This makes them different from their cousins, the crab and the lobster.

These books also have downloadable companion classroom activities: Next Time You See a Maple Seed, Next Time You See the Moon, and Next Time You See a Pill Bug. These activities are designed to be done before and after reading the books. Feel free to pick and choose from the list based on the age of the children and your purpose for reading.

These books are also available as e-books: Next Time You See a Maple Seed, Next Time you See the Moon, and Next Time You See a Pill Bug

NSTA Kids book are trade books dedicated to nurturing the wonder and curiosity inherent in young minds. Learn more about these books geared toward elementary-age students (grades K–6).

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