Celebrate International Book Giving Day with NSTA, the Home of Science Literacy

#giveabook book markFebruary 14 is not only Valentine’s Day but also International Book Giving Day. Literacy is an important focus for NSTA, and a subject that is personally important to our staff and membership, so we’re celebrating! What’s the day about? Giving books to children and promoting enthusiasm and excitement about books–and as you teach kids to cherish books, it’s important to teach them to care for them properly, so we’re loving the bookmark freebie available for download from the book giving day site!

As an organization devoted to science teachers, we know that science and reading is a winning combination. For more than 40 years we’ve partnered with the Children’s Book Council to produce an annual list of Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12. This year’s list has everything from Batman Science to Beetle Busters to Sally Ride. There’s something for students at every grade and interest level. If you’re looking for a great book to give or check out from the library, look no further.

If you’re a science teacher and want to incorporate science content into your reading program, we have some great resources that will save you time in the classroom and help you reach students in innovative ways (free registration in the NSTA Learning Center required).

Looking for more teaching resources that pair reading and science? Join a vibrant community of fellow learners who depend on the NSTA Learning Center. There, you can create your personalized learning journey based on your own unique learning needs and preferences. You can plan, track, and assess your progress over time. It’s free to register and connects you with a vast array of opportunities.

NSTA book markLooking for new books to add to your library? Now through Monday, February 23, 2015, we’re offering 10% off all our NSTA Kids books (includes all NSTA Kids e-books, mixed-media sets, and sets). Use promo code GIVEBK at check out when you purchase these kid magnets in the NSTA Science Store.

So put February 14 on your calendar and join us as we celebrate International Book Giving Day. Here at NSTA we’ll be donating books to local schools via a staff book giveaway. Follow us on Twitter @NSTA to see pictures, and we hope you’ll share with us the creative ways you find to nurture the love of reading in your budding scientists! And don’t forget to teach them to respect books–if you’re looking for a lovely way to encourage your students to spread their literary wings, we offer this downloadable NSTA book mark to help them mark their progress. If you have a two-sided printer, you won’t want to miss the gorgeous art on the back.

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  1. Emma Perry says:

    Thanks so much for spreading the word about #BookGivingDay.

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