Top Twitter Conversations Among Science Teachers in the Last 48 Hours

What were science teachers talking about on Twitter this weekend? Here are the top 12 stories we saw blowing up our network. Enjoy, and let us know what stories you’re following.

#1. Gizmodo’s incredible Mythbusters supercut

#2. Imposter Syndrome. It’s real (or is it?)

#3. Turns out it’s not your kids’ fault after all

#4. YES! There will be a live #NGSSchat Tweet-Up at #NSTA16 in Nashville, Thursday, March 31. More details to come soon. Follow #NGSSchat on Twitter for all the details, questions, and room info. Join us live or online.

#5. Skiing on Pluto, anyone?

#6. History of Science lesson we all need to know

#7. History of Science lesson we wish no one needed to know

#8. Can you teach engineering to very young students? YES!

#9. What’s your invasive species score?

#10. Mind Blown

#11. National Oreo Cookie Day—We won’t tell if you celebrate a day late

#12. St. Patrick’s Day SPOILER ALERT: There never were any snakes in Ireland!


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