The True Story of #LilHil: How Social Media Helped Me Write My #NSTA16 Nashville Story

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I started my Flat Stanley-esque campaign of #LilHil to chronicle my trip to the NSTA National Conference on Science Education in Nashville … I figured EVERYONE was tired of seeing me in a selfie… so I made a Flat Patty or Little Hillyer aka #LilHil (I’ve gone back and forth with #LilHil and #LilHill… that does make a difference).

Tag, Tag, Tag

In documenting my trip I decided on a whim to tag the airline…. never in a million years did I expect the responses.

Many tweets later… I was still laughing at how witty the person tweeting from United was!

Ok, last one (but there are more on my twitter feed!!!)

Funny/Important Lesson to Share with Students

All jokes aside, it is extremely important that you realize that someone or some people are reading your social media accounts and posts. And once they’re out there… there’s no eraser large enough to undo them. Choose wisely. Please promote this concept with your students too. Social media safety is no joke.

Why do you want to get involved in social media? And by social media I’m talking about teacher Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram accounts, not personal ones. You can cheaply and rapidly promote student successes. This is the number one reason why. Promoting success breeds more success. Students love to see themselves. Not self promoting but promoting students, which is what it is all about.

It promotes literacy! You tell a story. My students are following my experiences online. They get to hear what Nashville is like, the people, the food, the music.

Great source of teacher professional development… ask a question, hashtag #scienceEd or #edchat or tag @nsta …

Before you do anything, check your school’s or district’s social media policy, and be sure you know if parents gave permission for photos to be shown online before promoting student work.

So I think I figured this whole thing out. Ok, not really, but it sounds good… #itsahillyerthing

Shameless Plug ALERT…

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And in the comments, please let me know how you are using social media, because after all, it’s about sharing, and I love to learn from my social media PLN.

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