#NSTA16 Nashville | Do Not Try This at Home!

Big Bird, @BillNye and Flamingos… No it’s not a crazy dream, it’s #NSTA16
— @eckzoo April 3, 2016

Bill Nye slingshotting the audience at #NSTA16 Nashville

If you weren’t in Nashville last week for the 2016 National Conference on Science Education, you didn’t have to dodge asteroids being shot at innocent science teachers by BILL NYE! It was quite the week, and you can watch highlights on our #NSTA16 playlist. But more importantly, if you WERE there, you were immersed in the best professional development for science teachers. Why the best? Because the learning was all about sessions created by science teachers for science teachers and inspiring speakers like Grand Hank and Bill Nye (who got us up on our feet and put the teachers in the spotlight, where they belong). As attendee blogger Becky McKinney says “Between the great workshops, excellent conversations, amazing food, epic music and Southern hospitality, I am IN LOVE with Nashville!” Read more from McKinney, who links to some really valuable resources from the conference (because that’s what science teachers do–they share resources–whether you had a chance to come or not, you still benefit from the rich learning to be had at NSTA conferences).

From 2D to Full-Blown Rock Star

One of the best stories we heard from Nashville last week came from New Jersey science teacher Patricia Hillyer. She started her trip with an hysterical Twitter exchange with a United Airlines rep who clearly had a good science teacher at some point in his/her life! Below is a sample; and read all about Hillyer’s trip in her posts (The True Story of #LilHil: How Social Media Helped Me Write My #NSTA16 Nashville Story) and (#NSTA16 Nashville: Where Science Teachers Are the Rock Stars!).

More “Only at #NSTA16 Nashville” Stories from Twitter

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