Teach Your Students To Be Good Stewards of the Environment

Share some of these great NSTA Press® resources with your students and teach them the importance of being good stewards of our environment.
Prices provided are the member and nonmember book prices. All books are also available as e-books.
This book offers 32 formative assessment probes to get your students digging deep into environmental science concepts.
Member Price: $30.36
Nonmember Price: $37.95

Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide
Whatever your school’s setting—urban, suburban, or rural—you can create stimulating outdoor classrooms for your grades 3-8 students, with a little help from Outdoor Science.

Member Price: $20.76
Nonmember Price: $25.95

This book is designed to get you comfortable using citizen science to support independent inquiry through which your grades 6-12 students can learn both content and process skills.

Member Price: $25.56
Nonmember Price: $31.95

bringingoutdoorscienceinBringing Outdoor Science In: Thrifty Classroom Lessons
This helpful guide contains more than 50 science lessons in six units for grades K-8: Greening the School, Insects, Plants, Rocks and Soils, Water, and In the Sky.

Member Price: $20.76
Nonmember Price: $25.95

connecting with nature

Author Robert Stebbins blends activities, examples, and stories with his nature-centered worldview perspectives on the importance of dealing objectively yet compassionately with social and environmental problems.

Member Price: $7.95
Nonmember Price: $7.95


Climate Change From Pole to Pole
The biology-based case studies in this unique resource provide an authentic and rigorous way to engage students in grades 9-12 in science and environmental issues.
Member Price: $15.96
Nonmember Price: $19.95

 These trade books are dedicated to nurturing the wonder and curiosity inherent in young minds and are focused on the environment.
Environments of Our Earth

This book takes young readers on a journey that starts with dense tropical rainforests and woodlands, travels through grassy savannas and prairies, and ends at dry steppes and deserts.

Member Price: $9.56
Nonmember Price: $11.95

Our Very Own Tree

What happens when two friends take an interest in an oak tree? They begin to notice more about the world around them. This book will inspire readers to seek out their very own places in nature.
Member Price: $9.56
Nonmember Price: $11.95
This book by Lawrence F. Lowery tells the story of a budding tree and a curious child. As the tree grows from seed to sycamore, its leaves become meals for caterpillars, which become food for birds.
Member Price: $9.56
Nonmember Price: $11.95
How Does a Plant Grow?

This book will inspire children to be newly alert to the many wonders of the plant world, from how seeds sprout to why leaves turn to the light to the vital roles of stems and roots.
Member Price: $9.56
Nonmember Price: $11.95
This book prompts kids to learn about these marvels of aerial engineering, and how to uncover the little trees waiting to sprout from the seeds.
Member Price: $10.36
Nonmember Price: $12.95
 My School Yard Garden

Steve Rich’s guide shows that you can learn a lot from a garden, no matter where it grows. Students learn what insects, animals, and plants need to thrive.
Member Price: $10.36
Nonmember Price: $12.95
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