Start and end the year safely

Questions and discussions about safety are often seen in the NSTA e-mail listserves and discussion forums. Each month, columns on safety in the science classroom/lab are featured in NSTA’s Science Scope (Scope on Safety) and The Science Teacher (Safer Science), with occasional articles in Science and Children (Safety First). These columns are written by Ken Roy, Director of Environmental Health and Safety for Glastonbury Public Schools in Glastonbury, CT, and NSTA’s Science Safety Compliance Consultant.

These are must-reads for K-12 science teachers and school administrators, regardless of what grade level or science course you teach. And NSTA members have online access to them, regardless of which print journal you receive.

The 2015-16 columns speak to a variety of safety concerns:

Each month, Scope on Safety also includes a Q&A on a safety-related issue. If you’re looking for a science department discussion topic, choose an article relevant to your situation. For more on safety topics, go to NSTA’s SciLinks and use “safety” as the keyword.

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  1. Peggy Ashbrook says:

    Yes, the columns written by Ken Roy are must-reads for K-12 science teachers and school administrators! If you are not an NSTA member they will cost $0.99, and are well worth it!

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