NSTA President Carolyn Hayes Says Thank You to Our Volunteers

On behalf of the staff of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and our leadership team, I would like to thank the following members of our Board, Council, Standing Committees, Advisory Boards, and Panels whose terms of appointment end on May 31, 2016. NSTA has been busy this year promoting the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards,  working on the NSTA Strategic Goals, and helping me to promote my theme: Developing Creative Attitudes in Science.  NSTA is very fortunate to have dedicated members who volunteer their time to promote NSTA and its mission.  I am honored to have worked with all mentioned below as we advocate for science educators and build new leaders.  So to all of you on the list below, I say “Thank You” and I look forward to working with you in new capacities in the years to come.

Retiring Committee, Advisory Board, and Review Panel Members

College: Sally Harms, Sarah Haines, Christie Orlosky, Cindi Smith-Walters

Coordination: Kelly Price, Christopher Duvall, David Miller, Matthew Stolz

High School: Beverly DeVore-Wedding, Sharla Dowding, Karen Higuera, Brian Olsen

Informal: Stacy Glatz, Miriam Musco, Kelly Riedinger

Middle Level: Fran Hess, John Milam, Kitchka Petrova

Multicultural: Margaret Helen Carter, S. Maxwell Hines, Sami Kahn

Preschool-Elementary: Conni Crittenden, Jessica Fries-Gaiter, Jessie Kelly

Preservice: David Crowther, Cynthia Gardner, Kira Heeschen, Chris Ohana, Michael Troop

NSTA Teacher Accreditation: Cathy Gardner

Prof Development: Julie Luft, Christopher Soldat, Eric Walters

Research: Pamela Auburn, Anne Farley Schoeffler, Lise Whitfield

Audit: Paul Keidel

Awards: Linda Kennedy, Karen Nesbit, Jennifer Pritchard, James Puckett, Pat Shane

Budget: Susan Koba

Nominations: Bonnie Brunkhorst, Sharla Dowding, Herbert Dyasi, Barbara Pietrucha, Julie Thomas

Advisory Boards

Aerospace: David Black, Caroline d’Otreppe, Pamela Evans

Conference: Monica Ellis

Development: Barbara Pietrucha

International: Kathleen Horstmeyer, Teresa Kennedy, Edarlin Pagarigan, Kathryn Elkins

Investment: Jean May-Brett, Joseph Holm

JCST: Megan Litster, Barry Thompson

NSTA Reports: Mike Szydlowski, Barbara Thorp, Susan Locke

Retired: Susan Clay, Joyce Gleason, Deb Wickerham

Science and Children: Neporcha Cone, Wendy Frazier, Terri Hebert

Science Matters: Stephen Bartlett, Michelle Brand-Buchanan, Jean May-Brett

Science Safety: Theresa Curry, James Kaufman

Science Scope: Ekka Bowling, Kelly Chaney, Karen Jo Matsler

Special Needs: Jennifer Purcell-Coleman, Melissa Sleeper, Cheryl White

Technology: Gregory Benedis-Grab, Stephen Bock, Ben Smith

TST: Michael Brinkman, Carrie Jones

Urban Science: Selina Bartekls, Trudy C. Giasi, Michael Matthews

CBC: Conni Crittenden, Delene Hoffner, Linda Schoen Giddings

New Science Teachers: John Clark, Sumi Hagiwara, Michael Lowry

Shell: J. Carrie Launius, Ruth Ruud, Tamica A. Stubbs

NSTA members who are interested in volunteering for a position on one our committees, advisory boards, or review panels can find more information on our Committees page online.CHayes

Dr. Carolyn Hayes is the president of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). She began serving her one-year term on June 1, 2015. Dr. Hayes is a retired high school biology teacher from Greenwood, Indiana. Hayes earned a B.S. degree in biology from Indiana University in 1973, a M.S. degree in secondary education from Indiana University in 1976, and an Ed.D. in secondary education and biology from Indiana University in 2005. 

The mission of NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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1 Response to NSTA President Carolyn Hayes Says Thank You to Our Volunteers

  1. Fran Hess says:

    Thank you Carolyn for being such a wonderful President and for your kind words. It has been a pleasure to serve NSTA. Just call on me anytime, if you need me. I am always willing to work for NSTA and our members to assure our students and their teachers are receiving the best science education and opportunities possible. NSTA is a great supportive professional organization.
    Fran Hess franhess@gmail.com

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