Write Grant Proposals That Win

A successful grant application can provide you with the funding you need to do exciting new activities with your students. The only problem is that grant writing is an art form of its own. There’s a new NSTA Press book that can help.

Write Grant Proposals That WinBe a Winner! A Science Teacher’s Guide to Writing Successful Grant Proposals by Patty McGinnis and Kitchka Petrova offers practical tips and strategies to help you write winning proposals.

 “As a science educator, you are concerned with the state of science education in your K-12 schools, and you understand the importance of facilitating your students’ science learning through the science and engineering practices identified in the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Unfortunately, funds for purchasing materials are not always available in schools, thus requiring you to seek outside funding opportunities. Given the economic situation of many school districts, it is more imperative than ever to master the art of grant proposal writing to secure funds for innovative classroom projects,” write McGinnis and Petrova.

How do you even get started? First, you need to come up with a strong idea.

The authors ask readers to consider an important question:  “What is your dream for your classroom, school, science department, or community?” This question will lead you think about what you want to accomplish. Next, you will think about what resources are already available for you to tap into before you even begin the grant process.

Just like any scientific activity, there are steps and standards to follow in order to achieve the goal. The authors do an excellent job of breaking down the chunks of the grant proposal process to make it appear less daunting.

Using McGinnis’ and Petrova’s tips to organize your thinking, clarify your objectives, create an elevator speech, and build the required components of the proposal will increase your ability to feel confident and prepared when seeking grant funding. The book even offers suggestions to help you create project ideas that align with the NGSS standards.

“The inclusion of the NGSS performance expectations in your proposal will help your students achieve high standards and increase the value of your proposal,” write McGinnis and Petrova.

Be a Winner! offers a listing of grants and additional grant writing resources and also provides advice about managing your grant-funded project.

This book is for teachers new to grant writing and for pros who want to increase their efficacy.

Get started writing winning grant proposals today! Check out the sample chapter “Getting Started: May the FORCE Be With You! This book is also available as an e-book.

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  1. Debra Shapiro says:

    If your organization is offering grants to science educators and/or schools, please e-mail nstareports@nsta.org. We’d like to share these grant opportunities in NSTA Reports (member newspaper) and on http://www.nsta.org/calendar.

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