Pearl Harbor

Stuart HedleyThe morning of December 7, 1941, Stuart Hedley wakes early to meet his girlfriend for a picnic near Pearl Harbor. As we all know, the picnic never took place. But Stuart Hedley lived to tell us about the events of that day. And you can hear about them at Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation—the latest classroom video series from NBC Learn.

For this series, NBC Learn partnered with Flying Heritage Collection—a collection of finely crafted WWII combat aircraft and other aviation technologies. NSTA developed the supporting STEM lesson plans to bring innovation behind these technologies into your classroom.

The first 10 videos in the Chronicles of Courage series are live today. Perhaps tomorrow, show your students Pearl Harbor for a glimpse what what happened on this “day that will live in infamy.”

The series is available cost-free at NBC Learn. Or jump to the video and lesson plans at the links below. From these blog entries you can download the lesson plans in an editable format to add your personal touch. (You know you’ll want to!)

Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation “Pearl Harbor” focuses on the Mitsubishi A6M Zero and the mission for which it had been specifically designed—long distance attacks.

STEM Lesson Plan—Adaptable for Grades 7–12

Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation “Pearl Harbor” provides strategies for developing Science and Engineering Practices and support for building science literacy through reading and writing.

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