Learning to Read the Earth and Sky

Learning to Read Earth and SkyLearning to Read the Earth and Sky: Explorations Supporting the NGSS by Russ Colson and Mary Colson is a new book from NSTA Press that helps teachers of grades 6-12 create lessons and activities aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The objective of the book is to be practical, easy-to-use, and applicable to the classroom. The book is based on four premises:

  1. Earth science should engage students with the world they know.
  2. Teacher and student are colleagues and fellow scholars.
  3. Doing earth science requires breaking big concepts into smaller chunks.
  4. The purpose of experimental and observational activities in the classroom is to practice doing science, and not to convey factual information in an active and “hands-on” way.

The authors have deep experience in using the fascinating world around us to teach and engage students. While the book delves into the requisite standards, it also breaks down the disciplinary core ideas, crosscutting concepts, and significant ideas that make it all relevant to students.

“Our goal in writing this book is to provide concrete examples of classroom exploration that meet the ambitious goals of the NGSS to both teach science as a practice and reach toward an understanding of how all the small parts fit into the greater whole,” the authors state.

Learning to Read the Earth and Sky offers examples of how to teach students to read the stories that are written in layers of rock, in the stars, and everywhere around us.  The book offers anecdotes, activities, and strategies for getting students to take ownership of their learning. “Addressing aspects of our universe that students see and experience, and teaching students to read those stories on their own, gives them ownership in the process of discovery,” the authors state.

Read the sample chapter “Analyzing and Interpreting Data.” This book is also available as an e-book.

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