NSTA Books, eBooks+, and Journals win 2017’s highest honors in educational publishing – REVERE Awards

Logo of the AAP REVERE AwardsThe Association of American Publishers PreK–12 Learning Group has just announced 2017’s winners of the prestigious REVERE Awards, education publishing’s highest honors. The 2017 REVERE Awards honor print and electronic resources for PreK–12 teachers and learners in the classroom setting and beyond. Browse this year’s best of the best in educational resources in AAP’s gallery of 2017 REVERE Award winners and finalists, including these seven NSTA publications.

Supplemental Resources

Book cover of "Inquiring Scientists, Inquiring Readers in Middle School"NSTA Press’s book Inquiring Scientists, Inquiring Readers in Middle School: Using Nonfiction to Promote Science Literacy, Grades 6-8, by Terry Shiverdecker and Jessica Fries-Gaither, is Winner of the REVERE Award for Supplemental Resources–Interdisciplinary Resources. These research-based, classroom-tested lessons integrate all aspects of literacy (reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing) with engaging science activities for middle school students. The authors show that embedding nonfiction text and literacy activities into inquiry-based science honors the best practices of both disciplines. The lively activities cover topics from sunlight and the seasons to chemistry, toys, and accidental inventions, all presented in ways so students see the relevance and importance of science in everyday life.

Professional Resources

SNTA eBooks+ title "Nutrition" NSTA’s eBooks+ Nutrition, is Winner of the REVERE Award for Professional Resources–Innovation. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires making informed decisions about personal nutrition using information backed by scientific research. Nutrition, a highly interactive, self-directed professional learning experience, provides an overview of how food, nutrients, and energy are used by the body and how other factors contribute to making healthful choices. Rich with dynamic multimedia, interactive enhancements, and pedagogy, this e-book immerses educators in learning aboutNSTA eBooks+ title "Rocks" nutrition. NSTA’s eBooks+ Rocks is honored as a Finalist this year. The Rocks eBooks+ studies different kinds and categories of rocks, the major formation processes, and the cyclical nature of formation and transformation of rock. A third NSTA eBooks+, Discover the NGSS, is also honored in the category of Professional Resources–Instruction and Classroom Practice. Discover the NGSS: Primer and Unit Planner offers a comprehensive introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards. This interactive e-book undertakes an exploration of the three dimensions of the NGSS—the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core Image of NSTA eBooks+ "Discover the NGSS"ideas, and crosscutting concepts. Using numerous interactive elements, learners analyze classroom videos, answer questions, and develop arguments from evidence while becoming proficient at understanding the structure and significance of the three dimensions.


Book cover of NSTA Press book "Science Learning in the Early Years"In the category of Professional Resources–Specific Learning Populations, NSTA Press book Science Learning in the Early Years: Activities for PreK-2, by Peggy Ashbrook, is Winner of the REVERE Award. Engaging children in science activities in the early years capitalizes on their inquisitiveness while introducing them to key skills they’ll use through a lifetime of learning and investigation. This book provides more than 40 activities, all clearly presented and developmentally appropriate for young scientists PreK to 2. Throughout, the author’s focus is on play-based delightful experiences for early childhood learners that enhance and maintain children’s natural curiosity and abilities. The winning book encompasses many of Ashbrook’s writings in her Early Years columns for NSTA’s elementary journal Science and Children. Honored as a Finalist in the category Professional Resources– Subject Areas is NSTA Press book Book cover of NSTA Press book "Uncovering Student Ideas in Earth and Environmental Science"Uncovering Student Ideas in Earth and Environmental Science: 32 New Formative Assessment Probes, by Page Keeley and Laura Tucker.  Formative assessment probes give teachers an easy way to uncover ideas and misconceptions students have about a particular topic. Armed with this information, teachers can structure learning experiences that guide students to deeper understanding. This book offers assessment tools about key areas of Earth and environmental science such as water cycle, weather, climate, weathering and erosion, pollution, and human impact. Included are field-tested teacher materials that provide science background and link to national standards. This volume is the latest addition to Keeley’s 10-volume Uncovering Student Ideas in Science series.


Cover of journal issue of The Science Teacher-Summer 2016The Science Teacher, NSTA’s journal for high school teachers, is Winner of the Magazines: Editorial–Departments and Sections REVERE Award for the “Focus on Physics” column. A new column launched in 2016, “Focus on Physics” uses cartoonish drawings and clearly written text to help teachers build an understanding of physical principles among their students. The Science Teacher sought out Paul G. Hewitt, author of a popular physics textbook, to write and illustrate this column.

Each year the REVERE Awards honor the best in education resources and draws attention to the rich array of high-quality teaching materials developed across the educational publishing community. Congratulations to the authors and to the NSTA Press Books, NSTA eBooks+, and NSTA Journals editorial, design, and production teams on these seven Winner and Finalist honors in the 2017 REVERE Awards. For the full list of the 2017 Winners and Finalists, visit the REVERE Awards pages.

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3 Responses to NSTA Books, eBooks+, and Journals win 2017’s highest honors in educational publishing – REVERE Awards

  1. Michael Lowry says:

    Bravo! I’m delighted to see your excellent work receive the praise it deserves. Keep up the great work!

  2. Peggy Ashbrook says:

    Thank you to the Association of American Publishers PreK–12 Learning Group for awarding the REVERE Award to my book, “Science Learning in the Early Years: Activities for PreK-2.” The activities in it were developed in service to the curiosity of the children I teach and their interest in using tools, manipulating the materials and telling what they know.
    The activity chapters were first written for the Early Years columns in NSTA’s elementary journal and show the extraordinary skills of the Science and Children editors–Linda Froschauer and Valynda Mayes, and previously Monica Zerry and Stefanie Simmons. NSTA Press editors Claire Reinburg, Wendy Rubin, and Donna Yudkin, guided me in building a useful book out of individual columns, and copy editor Pat Freedman shook out all the unattached parts and fixed the loose connections. Thank you to all the editors for making my meaning more clear and my columns accessible to educators who are not yet members of NSTA.
    If you are not yet a member of NSTA, I hope you will use the book, and be inspired to join the association to get access to even more of the many resources for early childhood. The free NSTA Learning Center is another place to connect with the NSTA community and resources.

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