The 6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo is the Place to Be for Upper Elementary Educators

Any and all upper elementary educators looking to build their repertoire of STEM knowledge would benefit from attending the 6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo.  The Expo will be held in Kissimmee/Orlando, Florida from July 12-14. The event promises to meet the needs of educators just beginning their journey into the STEM world and those who may be teaching at fully developed STEM institutions. Because the forum is organized by grade level strands, teachers will be able to focus on sessions, discussions, and presentations geared to their students’ specific needs and interests. Organizing by grade level will help upper elementary educators who would like to learn some middle level concepts or strategies as well as those would may want to learn some early elementary concepts and strategies. The Expo gives you full control of how you’d like to experience it. 

Whether you’re drawn to literacy integration, are looking to maximize the ‘M” of mathematics in STEM, or are curious as how the engineering design thought process can be ignited with art, upper elementary educators will find over 30 different hands on workshops, nearly 20 presentations, as well as many other panels and sessions to attend at the STEM Forum, all of which are presented by leaders in STEM education. Sessions like Where It Stops, Nobody Knows: ELA Through STEM are great for teachers who want to incorporate literacy in their STEM classrooms, and Designing with Electrical Circuits are sure to capture a students imagination. There is no doubt that the event will provide attendees with the latest information on STEM content, resources, teaching strategies, and research.  While there, educators and administrations are encouraged to network with each other, STEM leaders, informal educators, as well as policy makers from around the nation and the world building unprecedented collaborations in STEM education. With such high quality and specialized offerings, how could Upper Elementary educators not attend the STEM Forum and Expo?

Sandra Kellerman is a fourth-grade teacher at Lyman Elementary School, where she uses STEM-related projects such as making rafts from popsicle sticks to get her students engaged in STEM. Her top priority is to educate conference attendees on the importance of STEM in classrooms with limited resources and funding. She is currently on the steering committee as the upper elementary strand leader for the 6th Annual STEM Forum & Expo. 

The mission of NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

Future NSTA Conferences

2017 STEM Forum & Expo
Kissimmee/Orlando, July 12–14

2017 Area Conferences

Baltimore, October 5–7
Milwaukee, November 9–11
New Orleans, Nov. 30–Dec. 2

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    I want to share about the process how to get enrolled in such expos especially when I belong to a third world nation country like Pakistan

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