A Children’s Book that Explains Eclipses the Way You Would

Everyone across the country is getting ready to view the sky event of the decade – the All American total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. 

Older kids may have studied eclipses in an earth science or general science class. But there is a way to get younger kids ready to view the solar eclipse. NSTA Kids Press recently published an eclipse book that we think you will want to share with your students. Please check out When the Sun Goes Dark.

In this richly illustrated, 36-page book, 12-year-old Diana and her younger brother, Sammy, want to know why their grandparents travel thousands of miles to see total eclipses of the Sun. Readers follow the kids’ questions and interactions and learn the science behind solar and lunar eclipses, what makes these sky events so special, and how to observe a solar eclipse safely. When the Sun Goes Dark provides a great introduction for families and serves as an excellent resource for teachers and librarians as they prepare for the August 21, 2017, solar eclipse that will be visible throughout North America.

Please check out the many 5-star reviews are on both the NSTA and Amazon websites

We hope your students enjoy the book and you have clear skies on August 21st.


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