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Educator uses a whisk to make bubble foam.Have you revisited the sessions from previous NSTA conference to check out the resources posted by presenters? Begin with the 2017 Elementary Extravaganza that has 27 resources listed, both documents and webpages. It was held on Friday, March 31 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. My table had a parade of adults and children whipping up bubble foam from simple ingredients, and talking about the properties of matter.  Other EE tables showcased:

  • an engineering challenge to design and build shade structures to protect special UV-sensitive beaded lizards from the sun (Laura Kitagawa),  
  • using a paper template and CD to make a spectroscope as used by the New Horizons spacecraft to explore Pluto (Nancy Tashima),  and
  • infusing children’s scientific knowledge and understandings into writing poetry (Patricia Bricker, Melisssa Faetz, Nancy Luke, & Kelly Tracy).

Slide from “Using Lab Notebooks in the Preschool and Elementary Classroom” Search for a topic, such as “notebook,” to locate sessions with specific topics. See Katie Morrison and Deb Chickadel’s resources from their “Using Lab Notebooks in the Preschool and Elementary Classroom” session for examples from preK-grade 5 and how-to guidance.



Blue Marble Matches session by Veronica Leija and Brandon HargisEven if you don’t teach high school you might look at materials from sessions such as “Blue Marble Matches” by Veronica Leija and Brandon Hargis to enhance your own understanding of science concepts. 

You can view sessions as far back as the 2015 Chicago National Conference by going to the NSTA conference page  and clicking on “Sessions” for the recent or future conferences.  As you search using a grade level or keyword to identify sessions of interest, keep an eye out for links to presenter materials listed at the bottom of the session information. 

Not all sessions have links to materials–consider attending the next NSTA conference near you to learn directly from the presenters!

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  1. Suzette knowles says:

    I like to attend workshops that provide samples of the resources being demonstrated along with some hands on use of the same as related to classroom. Attended a math in Orlando in october and was able to purchase some samples to bring back to The Bahamas.

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