Equity & Access — Policies and Best Practices for Science Educators

The Multicultural and Equity Committee is rolling out a new NSTA blog on topics of equity. The intent is for the blog to allow readers to discuss and highlight policies and best practices that promote and sustain educational equity for all students.  We also hope the blog will provide a place where readers can share ideas, and stay connected with topics, resources and events related to equity.

We will use the National Research Council’s A Framework for K-12 Science Education to help contributors to the blog showcase resources and strategies that focus on diversity of the stakeholders in science education. We hope the blog will provide a platform to discuss the challenges and meaningful solutions related to the allocation of time, resources and expertise needed to create space for educators to authentically engage all students.  Ultimately, we hope that our blog posts will work to foster environments that address systemic inequities, eliminate educational barriers, and will afford access and equity for all students.

Let us hear from you! Do you have an equity-related question or a challenge you would like to see addressed in this blog? What resources, policies, and strategies do you find effective? Are you interested in writing for this blog?  Email us at meg.delgato@gmail.com or natacia.campbell@gmail.com.

Natacia Campbell is Chair of the NSTA Committee on Multiculturalism and Equity in Science Education.  She is with Joliet Public Schools District 86. Meg Delgato is Academic Chair, College of Education for St. Petersburg College in Florida, and a member of the NSTA Equity Committee.

The mission of NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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  1. Ivan Ochoa says:

    How can NSTA better prepare teacher candidates to better understand the role that equity plays in and outside of the educational field? How can this professional organization better prepare the future educational leaders?

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