Beyond the E-Book: NGSS Professional Book Study

How much do you know about the Next Generation Science Standards and what they mean for your classroom? NSTA knows it can be challenging to learn the complex ins and outs of the NGSS on your own. That’s why we developed a four-week Online Book Study around Discover the NGSS: Primer and Unit Planner to provide science teachers with a comprehensive introduction to the NGSS.

Participating in a book study offers you a unique professional learning opportunity. Book studies are designed to extend learning far beyond simply reading a book. They supplement knowledge with discussions with colleagues, stories from the classrooms, and live webinars led by top experts in the field. Designed with convenience in mind, book studies provide intensive learning without the hassle of conference travel. You’ll have access to hours of personalized professional learning, webinar archives, and your own private forum to learn at your own pace.

“Hearing what other teachers had to say and their input helped me realize that it takes time, and with a little bit more practice, I can develop and grow my lessons.”

Past book study participant

The NGSS book study is no different in its array of benefits. The study provides the expert guidance and resources you need in order to learn and implement the NGSS in your own classrooms. During the NGSS book study, you’ll deepen your understanding of the NGSS with four live webinars led by experts Tricia Shelton and Jessica Holman. The webinars will feature examples and stories from the classroom to illustrate how to translate the NGSS into classroom teaching and learning. During the webinars, you’ll have the chance to learn from:

  • Tricia Shelton: Tricia is a science teacher and leader with a BS in Biology and Masters in Teaching with 22 years of experience in Kentucky. She is driven by a passion to help students develop critical and creative thinking skills necessary for success in a 21st century world. She is also a member of the NSTA staff.
  • Jessica Holman: Jessica is a special education teacher at Boone County High School with eight years of experience. She is active in her role as a science teacher leader in her school district, collaborates with peers, and integrates instruction into her blended learning classroom.
  • Other K-12 science teachers and leaders

Throughout the book study, you’ll also have access to a personalized forum, additional resources, and webinar archives in order to maximize your learning through collaboration and classroom lessons. After over six hours of live exchange with experts and 40 hours of personalized learning, you’ll know how to communicate your understanding of the three-dimensions of the NGSS, how to design your own NGSS lessons within a unit of study, and how to identify phenomena that can drive your students’ learning even further. After each webinar, you’ll also receive a certificate as evidence of your participation and attendance. 

Interested in participating? Register at The program runs this fall on four consecutive Tuesdays on October 2, 9, 16, and 23. You can sign up as an individual ($63 member/$79 non-member) or a district cohort (25 individuals at $1,250 flat fee). Please note that the e-book is not included and can be purchased separately here. Reach out to Flavio Mendez ( with any additional questions.

The mission of NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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