Meet the 2018 NSTA/ NCTM STEM Teacher Ambassadors!

We are proud to be working with 2018 NSTA/NCTM STEM Teacher Ambassadors, who are here at NSTA’s headquarters this week participating in an intensive communications, media, and policy training designed to expand the classroom teacher voice at the local, state, and national levels. These dynamic teacher leaders bring a variety of experience and expertise and will lend their unique perspectives in support of STEM education.

So, who are these STEM teacher superstars? We asked if they could be a STEM superhero, what would be their superpower? Read on to find out what they had to say.

Nathan Auck 

Utah Department of Education 

“If I were a STEM superhero, my superpower would be the power of convergence. I’d be able to nimbly and effectively empower disparate groups of students to work together in exploring the insights that exists at the intersections of the study of math, science, engineering and technology.”


James Brown 

Sand Creek Middle School, Albany, New York

“If I were a STEM superhero, my superpower would be to create renewable energy wherever energy is needed and my superhero name would be Captain Sustainability.”



Peg Cagle 

Reseda High School, Los Angeles, California

“My STEM superpower would be the ability to make everyone see the beauty and wonder of mathematics so that no one would ever, ever again say ‘I am not a math person!’”



Patrick Honner 

Brooklyn Technical High School, New York, New York

“My STEM superpower would be X-ray Math Vision. With X-ray Math Vision, I can see the mathematics that underlies our every experience and encounter. And the best part of this superpower is that it can be taught to others!”



Brian Langley 

Novi High School, Novi, Michigan

“If I were a STEM superhero, I would possess the power of ‘super-observancy.’ I would have an uncanny ability to detect changes in nature, especially regarding turtles (for some reason).”



Alison “Sunny” Mall 

Homer High School, Homer, Alaska

“I’m a math teacher so I already have a superpower! But if I had to choose a SECOND superpower, I would choose the power to annihilate math anxiety in students with a single touch (and vaccinate them for all future math experiences).”




Maria McClain 

Deer Valley High School, Antioch, California

“My STEM superpower would be VISUALIZATION, the ability to SEE underlying mathematical concepts in all real life situations and transfer that vision to others. My mission is to touch each student and help them SEE, understand, and appreciate the beauty and magic of the mathematics that is all around us.”



Renae Pullen 

Caddo Parish Public Schools, Shreveport, Louisiana

“If I were a STEM superhero, my power would be a ‘metacomplexus.’ I’d have the ability to solve difficult real-world problems and design innovative solutions in nanoseconds.”




Richard Velasco 

Lincoln Middle School & Pullman High School, Pullman, Washington

“If I were a STEM superhero, my STEM superpower would be teleportation, including being able to teleport anything or anyone that I’m holding. The ability to teleport instantly would be very convenient in enabling global collaboration in solving STEM-related problems.”



Camilla Walck 

Princess Anne High School, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“If I were a superhero, I would want my power to be the ability to make others see how their daily actions influence the environment. I would make them fall in love with nature and open their eyes to the beauty of all it has to offer.”


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3 Responses to Meet the 2018 NSTA/ NCTM STEM Teacher Ambassadors!

  1. Julie Neidhardt says:

    Congratulations to all of you! You are SUPERHEROES!

  2. christine herald says:

    Congratulations to all you superheroes!

  3. Aletha says:

    I think you’re awesome 🙂

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