Ed News: The Case for (Quality) Homework

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The Case for (Quality) Homework

Do math worksheets and book reports really make a difference to a student’s long-term success? Are American students overburdened with homework? In some middle-class and affluent communities where pressure on students to achieve can be fierce, the answer is yes. But in families of limited means, it’s often another story. Read the article featured in Education NEXT.

Math Scores Slide to a 20-year Low on ACT

The average math score for the graduating class of 2018 was 20.5, marking a steady decline from 20.9 five years ago and showing virtually no progress since 1998, when it was 20.6. Matt Larson, the immediate past president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), said the math scores “are extremely disappointing, but not entirely unexpected.”  In a report released earlier this year, NCTM called for major shifts in the way math is organized and taught in high school. Read the article featured in Ed Week.

Leon Lederman and Project ARISE 

Leon Lederman, who died earlier this month at age 96, was one of the most accomplished particle physicists of the 20th century. Project ARISE (American Renaissance in Science Education) was the initiative that led to Lederman becoming an outspoken advocate for the Physics First movement, and its effects can still be seen in schools nationwide. Project ARISE was designed to address what Lederman perceived as the appalling state of physics education in US high schools. Read the article featured in Physics Today.

Lunchroom leftovers make for an ‘eye-opening’ science project

The Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers and the Wisconsin Science Festival are partnering on a Statewide Science Challenge to address food waste in cafeterias. Called “Lunchroom Leftovers,”  student teams are conducting detailed analyses of food waste in their school cafeterias. The data will be collected statewide and shared via a statewide map. Read the article featured in the State Journal.


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