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Are you looking for a professional learning community specifically for K-16 science teachers? The NSTA Learning Center is stocked with resources, customized lesson plans, online modules, and community forums, and will change the ways you access and leverage professional learning. Research suggests that professional learning for science educators should be an ongoing, continuous endeavor taking anywhere from 50-80 hours per year. The NSTA Learning Center allows you to control the place, the pace, and the time as you work to transform instruction in your classroom.

Consider choosing one of these seven introductory steps to take advantage of what the NSTA Learning Center has to offer:

  1. Activate your account and personalize your profile.

All NSTA members already have a Learning Center account. To activate your account for the first time, use your last name and your NSTA Member Number. Once you’re logged in, make sure to upload a profile picture, school/work affiliation, your geographic location, and any professional social media channels like Twitter or Facebook. Updating your profile makes you more visible to more than 215,000 community members.

  1. Join us for web seminars, online book studies, virtual conferences, and more.

The Learning Center features opportunities to enrich your own professional learning with a range of online options, so you can engage when it works for you. Learn more about upcoming events.

  1. Search for resources.

The Learning Center offers a robust search engine that can bring you peer-reviewed resources and new online learning opportunities. Even the most basic search can bring you results not only from the NSTA vaults, but also from other users’ collections. Once you’ve selected a resource, simply “Add to Library” and it’s yours to use and share. Although the NSTA Learning Center is an open resource to anyone, NSTA Members get an extra 20% discount on fee-based resources in the Learning Center.

  1. Get recognized through Activities Badges.

Earn badges as recognition for your efforts as you aggregate, review, and share your personal and NSTA e-PD resources. You also earn badges for making posts in the community forums, for diagnosing your needs in science content, and by attending web seminars, and successfully completing online modules called SciPacks.

  1. Create a Learning Plan.

Have you ever struggled to submit a professional learning plan? Let NSTA help you with accountability by creating a personalized professional learning plan online. The Learning Plan Tool helps educators define goals, upload evidences, and create a professional looking report document your professional learning activities and growth.

  1. Join a community forum.

Despite the nagging stigma of online chat rooms, the modern world connects online. The Learning Center was developed as a way to connect with like-minded colleagues at various levels of experience. Join a community forum to learn and to share. You can always ask questions from online advisors, but you might be the one person with the answer for someone else.

  1. Develop your library—and share it with others.

Your good ideas have probably already outgrown the folder on your desktop or, even worse, the physical drawer in your classroom or office. By assembling a virtual library and cultivating collections of resources, you not only organize your digital shelf —you allow others to use what you’ve learned. Educators can benefit from your curated content, and you’ll make a greater impact than just filing that away as a resource for a rainy day.

Next time you need help with a lesson plan, developing assessments, or collecting resources, you have more than just Google as a tool. The NSTA Learning Center will help you focus on your grade level, your topics, and your interests while helping you connect with fellow educators around the world.

We know our members are leaders in their schools, districts, and communities. As you explore the rich collection of resources available in the NSTA Learning Center, advance your leadership role by sharing resources with your colleagues. As more science teachers join the NSTA Learning Center community, the richer it becomes. When someone receives resources from you, whether they are an NSTA member or not, all they have to do is create a free account to access the materials.

Not a member of NSTA? Learn more about how to join.

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3 Responses to Center Your Learning in the NSTA Learning Center

  1. Olivia Klaas says:

    As a new member of NSTA, I enjoyed reading the resources available to me including web seminars, virtual conferences, and many blog posts similar to this one. I also hope to grow my knowledge of using science in the classroom.

  2. Megan Wagaman says:

    As a preservice teacher at Wartburg College and a new member of NSTA, I found your resources to be helpful. Teaching science is something I believe needs to be hands-on, project-based, and encouraging curiosity. I often struggle to come up with my own activities or units for content based on grade level, so being apart of a greater community would really be beneficial for me.
    Do you have conferences or science days for elementary and middle school-aged students to attend?

    Thanks for sharing your blog!
    Megan Wagaman
    Wartburg College 2020
    Science Methods 385
    Dr. Michael Bechtel

  3. Mattie Barr says:

    I am currently in my third year at Wartburg College, getting my bachelors in Elementary Education with an endorsement in reading. My hope is to teach kindergarten within the next couple of years. I became a NSTA Member this past spring before I attended the National Science Teaching Association Conference in St. Louis. I have forever been grateful for the resources offered to me and the benefits I get by being a member. As someone who is wanting to be in a general elementary education classroom, NSTA has pushed me to incorporate science into my classroom as much as I can. All learners are scientists, and they need to use their curiosity in a hands-on way to build upon their skills and knowledge. NSTA has allowed me to learn this and start to apply it within my teaching as a preservice teacher. I will continue to use it and grow as a science teacher.

    I am looking forward to more conferences, magazines, and all the other resources that become available to me. I hope to one day publish or present something myself so that teachers and preservice teachers can use it to become even better.

    With much appreciation,


    Mattie Barr ‘21
    Wartburg College
    Elementary Education
    Reading Endorsement
    Education Office Assistant
    Service Trip Student Director
    Wartburg NSTA Social Media Coordinator
    100 Wartburg Blvd | Waverly, IA 50677 |

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