What do you teach?

What is the most important part of teaching to remember when teaching science? 
– C., Iowa

I would ask all my student teachers, “What do you teach?” Without hesitation, they would answer science, biology, chemistry, or another discipline. I would then tell them,

“I teach kids.”

The most important thing is to remember that you teach students. If you keep in mind that you are helping to develop minds and prepare them for the modern world, then throughout your career you will consider your students before your subject, keep up with new ideas in teaching, and be flexible when dealing with them because we are all different.

You need to remember that, as a teacher and perhaps a science specialist, you are among the minority in terms of your love and interest in learning and science. The majority of your students are not like you and come to your class with different ideas, likes, dislikes, and perceptions. Keeping that in mind, you should work towards getting the majority of your students to see utility and wonder in scientific pursuit, perhaps by concentrating on how science works. There are important concepts, ideas, and skills that we need to convey that cut across all scientific endeavours and demystify science. By doing so, we hopefully can create a scientifically literate populace able to understand the important contributions of science to society and capable of making informed decisions about future scientific discoveries.

Hope this helps!

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