Three-Dimensional Grand Slam: Featured Strand at NSTA’s 2019 National Conference on Science Education in St. Louis, MO, April 11–14

Explorers Lewis and Clark began their westward trip from the St. Louis area in 1804, trying to find a better way to the west coast; as they made their way to the Pacific Ocean, they mapped the area and cataloged its natural resources. If you’re feeling like an explorer making your way through unchartered territory as you navigate three-dimensional teaching or the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), join us this April to get your own road map.

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) will feature a special strand “Three-Dimensional Grand Slam” at our 2019 National Conference on Science Education, in St. Louis, April 11–14. Our conference organizers really understand that shifting science educators’ focus from simply teaching science ideas to helping students figure out solutions is exciting. But it’s not just about changing the way you teach; in their learning, students must use all three dimensions of the NGSS or NRC Framework in an integrated fashion in order to make sense of phenomena or design solutions to problems. This strand will focus on implementing three-dimensional learning to increase student understanding and will be targeted by level: novice, intermediate, or advanced attendees.

Sessions organized around this strand include a featured presentation on Friday, April 12, 11:00 AM–12 Noon (“Unlocking the Power of the NGSS”) by Paul Andersen (Educational Consultant and Creator of the wildly popular YouTube channel, Bozeman Science). Not familiar with Andersen? Check out one of his most popular videos, below, explainig CRISPR.

And there will be hundreds more sessions in St. Louis to help teachers explore 3-D teaching and the NGSS; below is a small sampling so you see what’s in store:

  • Case Studies: Compelling and Engaging 3-D Instructional Tools
  • Using Energy, Engineering, and Explanations in Elementary ML-PBL Science Classrooms
  • Implementing Three-Dimensional Assessment Practices in High School Science
  • Merging Three-Dimensional Assessments with Standards-Based Grading
  • SC-4: Developing and Using Models for Better Conceptual Understanding (ticket required)
  • Formative Processes in the NGSS Classroom
  • Where Does Our Clean Water Come From and Where Does It Go After We Make It Dirty? A Grade 5 NGSS Storyline
  • Transforming Elementary Classrooms with Engineering Challenges: Three-Dimensional Planning Tools for Teachers
  • Student Drivers: Driving Question Boards Empower Students to Figure Out What They Really Need to Know and How They Will Get There
  • States of Matter…Where Did They Go? Transforming Existing Elementary and Middle Grades Lessons to Meet NGSS Matter and Its Interactions
  • SC-8: Designing and Using Three-Dimensional Assessments in Your Classroom (ticket required)
  • Engaging Students in Scientific Arguments from Evidence
  • What About the Crosscutting Concepts? How to Make Them Explicit in Your Science Lessons
  • Developing Models Through Peer Critique and Feedback
  • Cultivating the Scientific Practice of Asking Questions: Tools for Teachers and Students
  • Engaging Students: Using Crosscutting Concepts to Prompt Student Sensemaking of Phenomena
  • Integrating Content in a 3-D World
  • The Trifecta: Driving Question Boards, Anchor Models, Anchor Charts
  • Writing Three-Dimensional Storylines
  • Assessing 3-D Learning: You Can Do It!
  • When the Performance Expectations Aren’t Enough: Unpacking the NGSS Evidence Statements to Plan for Three-Dimensional Science Instruction
  • Raising the Bar: Developing Effective Three-Dimensional Lessons

Not enough? Take a really deep dive and attend these:

  • The NGSS@NSTA Forum | Friday, April 12 | 226, America’s Center
    This year’s NGSS@NSTA Forum focuses on instructional materials. The opening session describes tools you can use to evaluate resources and then five additional sessions highlight instructional units designed to address three-dimensional standards. Click here for a list of the sessions.

  • NGSS@NSTA Share-a-Thon | Saturday, April 13 | 9:30–10:30 AM | Hall 1, America’s Center
    At the NGSS@NSTA Share-a-Thon, meet education experts from around the country, and get tips and tools to help implement three-dimensional instruction. Leave with plenty of handouts and ideas you can use in your classroom right away.

Pro Tips

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