Ed News: NGSS Science Promotes Phenomena-Based Learning

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This week in education news: California gears up for tests on their new science standards; an in-depth look at how Next Generation Science Standards promote phenomena based learning; OpenSciEd’s work to create curriculum aligned with the NGSS; and the movie “Black Panther” broke additional ground in a way most people may not realize–in the comics, the character is actually a scientist and engineer. 

NGSS Science Promotes Phenomena-Based Learning                      

District Administration magazine delves into the emerging science concept called phenomena-based learning that taps into students’ natural desire to make sense of their world. Read more about how this approach encourages students to observe natural phenomena and then investigate why it occurs. Read the article featured in District Administration Magazine

California Students May Not Be Ready For New Science Test

Next month California students will start to be tested on the state’s new science standards for the first time, but with little instruction in the subject in elementary school and few aligned textbooks they aren’t likely to be ready. Read why in this article from Edsource.

Time for Science

Long Game: Inside the Carnegie Corporation’s Quest to Improve Science Education

The Carnegie Corporation has put $4 million into OpenSciEd, the new nonprofit tasked with creating curriculum to align with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Read more about this effort in Inside Philanthropy.

Black Panther and Its Science Role Models Inspire More Than Just Movie Awards

“Black Panther” also broke additional ground in a way most people may not realize: In the comics, the character is actually a scientist and engineer. Read all about it in The Conversation.

Studies About STEM Achievement and New Parents in STEM

A study published in Diverse Issues in Higher Education finds that professors’ beliefs about intelligence play a measurable role in the success of STEM students, especially underrepresented minorities. And a new report from the National Academies of Science finds substantial attrition of new parents, nearly one-half of new mothers and nearly one-quarter of new fathers, leave full-time STEM employment after having children.

Why Donald Trump Jr.’s ‘Loser Teachers’ Comment Was ‘A Chilling Moment’ For Educators Around The World

During a border wall rally earlier this month, Donald Trump Jr. drew cheers when he urged young conservatives to “bring it to your schools” because “you don’t have to be indoctrinated by these loser teachers that are trying to sell you on socialism from birth.” Read the article featured in The Washington Post.

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