High School Teachers, The STEM Forum & Expo is for You

Teachers at the high school level expose students to learning that is applicable for college and career readiness. At the STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by NSTA, attendees will experience this STEM pipeline firsthand. STEM educators at the high school level can participate in hands-on workshops with activities to replicate in their own districts, and gain innovative ideas from peers and exhibitors.  Workshops are relevant, high interest, and easy to replicate. Panel discussions about the STEM pipeline will help focus your passion for STEM education to these pathways. Attendees will learn how to add more STEM classes and activities across the curriculum from presenters who demonstrate applications of science, computer science and robotics, industrial technology, engineering, and math.

An important theme of the high school strand is solving community problems, both in lessons and panels. Each attendee will leave with a new inspiration for involving their communities in STEM education, and knowledge of workforce needs across the nation.    

There is something to meet everyone’s needs in the high school strand offerings.  High school STEM leaders will gain knowledge to support the specialized responsibility they have in their districts to make decisions on curriculum, assessment, professional development, and community outreach. Participants and attendees alike will share their research findings with others in their field, learn what others are doing in STEM leading to new ideas for your learning community, meet like-minded people and find new opportunities to collaborate, and have fun! Attendees are encouraged to make connections with presenters, peers, and exhibitors for future collaboration and advice, and to come up with new ideas to present at next year’s Forum!

The 8th Annual STEM Forum & Expo, hosted by NSTA, is a unique, focused event that brings together (informal and formal) educators and representatives from exhibiting companies who are interested in, and who have tools and resources to share that will ensure successful implementation of STEM education into our schools and communities. It is intended to provide resources for educators and organizations seeking to learn more about STEM education, associated outreach programs, partnerships, schools, and curricula.

Future NSTA Conferences

2019 STEM Forum & Expo
San Francisco, July 24–26

The mission of NSTA is to promote excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning for all.

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