The Elementary (& PreK) Extravaganza, at NSTA19 St. Louis

Presenters wearing sea life hats at the Elementary Extravaganza 2017.Plan your strategy for getting the most out the 2 hours you have to access the 100+ presenters, each at their own table, in the Elementary Extravaganza (EE) at the NSTA annual conferences. Have you seen the loooong list of presenters!!!? Each will have their own table for materials. This year the EE will take place on Friday April 12, 2019 from 10 am-12 noon.

The EE has several organizations joining in the session, each with their presenter tables grouped together. 

Science and Children, NSTA’s elementary (and PreK) school journal, brings authors and columnists together to talk to you about activities and approaches they have written about in the previous year. Get a more detailed  description and try the hands-on materials as you discuss with the authors.

The Early Childhood Science Interest Forum (ECSIF) of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) will be at the EE for the first time as a contributing organization, representing the work of educators of children ages birth to 8, the early childhood years. (Because my happy place is where the worlds of science education and early childhood education overlap I had to make a difficult choice this year and I’ll be with this group presenting about my November 2018 Early Years column, How big is it really? The importance of teaching media literacy in early childhood programs.)

Perhaps you have to make a difficult choice between two sessions—check the presenters’ link and see if they will also be at the EE, a chance to chat with them personally, and then attend the other session. If you can’t participate in my Saturday session, “Using Natural Materials to Explore, Mess About, Investigate, Experiment, and Inquire in Early Childhood Science” (11-12, Room Landmark 3 at the Marriott), connect with me at the EE. Or meet me at the NSTA Bookstore in the Exhibit Hall on Saturday 1-1:30 pm to talk with me about my book, Science Learning in the Early Years: Activities for PreK-2.

Presenters and participants building ramps and talking physics at the Elementary Extravaganza 2016.

Presenter talking about her table materials and early childhood science. 2018

Other presenters at the Elementary Extravaganza are members of the Association of Presidential Awardees in Science Teaching (APAST), Council for Elementary Science International (CESI), NSTA Preschool Elementary Committee Science & Children authors and reviewers, and  Society of Elementary Presidential Awardees

Gather resources for use in your classroom immediately. Engaging hands-on activities, strategies to excite and encourage your students, a preview of the best trade books available, information about award opportunities, contacts with elementary science organizations, sharing with colleagues, door prizes…”

See you there!

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