Starry-eyed Students

Many of the girls in my kindergarten class are showing a lot of interest in space. Space is not part of my curriculum, so how would you recommend I address their interest? Can you recommend any resources?
—M., New Mexico

Curiosity, asking questions, looking for answers are all part of the nature of science and all young children have these in abundance! While you need to focus on certain topics in your science curriculum, do not fear using other topics to get at the nature of science or to quench students’ thirst for knowledge.

Space! What a wonderful topic. There are some simple ways that you can foster interest without stealing away from your curriculum topics:

  • Daily science announcements: include the moon phase, celestial events, and the location of planets.
  • Moon observations: observe the moon during recess or in the evening and report to the class. Have a picture of the current moon phase posted in the class.
  • Take home activities: There are many planispheres (star finders) that you can download for free and build, calendars of celestial events, and moon phase handouts.
  • Astronomy apps: Use these in class and send home a list of resources for families to use. There are many excellent, free starfinder and astronomy apps available.
  • Hold a family astronomy night: almost all local astronomy clubs will help set up a viewing night for you.


Consider subscribing to these sites to get astronomy and Earth news:

Hope this helps!

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

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