Presenting to Peers

Professional development can be boring at times, but I don’t really think my colleagues would be receptive to what I say since I teach science.
—R., Wisconsin

Please know that you are a valuable resource to your colleagues. We need more science teachers to put themselves out there and help provide quality professional development for their schools. Teachers need exposure to the science in everyday life. We benefit from learning from our peers, just as our students are motivated and build their confidence when they learn from each other. You may reduce your peers’ resistance to trying new things in their classrooms because of the mutual respect for the work “we do in the trenches every day.” Working with different teachers in different content areas provide a platform to discuss and share literacy strategies plus the importance of nonfiction reading and writing to everyone’s discipline. Besides, science is fun. Demonstrating how we keep students engaged and excited about learning can inspire others. An open dialogue about your needs as a professional is important, too. Your colleague may have a similar need as well. If we do not participate in our pedagogical growth, then we leave our development in the hands of others who can only speculate on how we can help our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

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