Stay F.I.T.

Between school closures and near-constant news coverage of the coronavirus, I’m sure many of you are just as stressed as I am. My running joke about a school with no kids is a dismal reality across the United States.

Educators, who thrive on the face-to-face interactions and relationships with our students, are devastated. Since the onset of this pandemic, everyone from classroom educators to members of professional associations like NSTA are sharing resources to engage kids while they are at home. Well, what about the teachers?

We have teachers around the country at different academic, technological, physical, social, and emotional levels trying to work within federal and local mandates to provide authentic online instruction. This task is monumental, so it is extremely important that we, as educators, stay FIT.

First, Find an individual workspace so you can separate work from home. Designating a site “for school” will help you provide focused instruction to your students.

Second, Implement at least 30 minutes of physical activity for yourself. Don’t stay on the computer all day! Just as we tell families to create structured schedules for their kids, we must do the same for ourselves.

Finally, Take this opportunity for professional development (PD). PD specific to science instruction is invaluable. Check out these micro certification opportunities from the National Institute for STEM Education (NISE), If you ask your administrators, they may be able to cover the cost.

We have to take care of ourselves, so we stay F.I.T. for our students and families!

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