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Reflecting on this week’s Daily Do

We know we can’t recreate the science classroom in our students’ homes, but we can continue to give our students experience with relevant, intriguing phenomena to create the need to engage in science learning to answer their questions about what … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Lesson for Elementary Students

Author: The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to major changes in our everyday lives, a situation that can be scary for both young people and adults. Understanding helps alleviate fear. This coronavirus lesson was designed to help young children talk … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Meets…Physics? Making a Biological Topic Fit into a Physics World

Author: Stephanie Duke, Physics Teacher and Science Department Chair at Graves County High School in Mayfield, KY If you heard about a high school science class completing a unit on the novel coronavirus, you’d probably assume it was a biology … Continue reading

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Leveraging Science in the News

Guest post by Will Reed As science teachers, particularly those of us working to implement three-dimensional (3-D) instruction in our classroom, we strive to make learning relevant to student experiences, engaging them in phenomena that have meaning in their own … Continue reading

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Coronavirus: What’s the Real Story?

Author: William Reed, High School STEM Teacher at Gwendolyn Brooks College Prep, Chicago, IL Grade Level: Secondary Lesson Overview In this lesson, students will generate and prioritize questions about the coronavirus and evaluate scientific and/or technical information from multiple authoritative … Continue reading

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History and Social Studies Integration with STEM

This blog post was authored by Judy Boyle. NGSS, STEM, STEAM, and Common Core all speak of the importance of the integration of science with ELA, math, and art. However, we are missing one more layer needed to achieve the … Continue reading

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Elementary Science is Essential

Blog post authored by Lisa Chizek Elementary science is essential if we want our children to be successful in an ever-changing and complex world. Engaging in high-quality elementary science allows children opportunities to ask questions, investigate to find answers, make … Continue reading

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Introducing the STEM Teacher Leadership Network

By Joni Falk, Co-director of the Center for School Reform at TERC The STEM Teacher Leadership Network (, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), is inviting teacher leaders, aspiring teacher leaders, as well as researchers and administrators interested in … Continue reading

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Teacher Cohorts to Support Science Instruction

Written by Debbie Ericksen Learning about the NGSS 3D Framework and what it means for the teaching and learning process within my elementary classroom has been an amazing journey that continues to this day. I confess I’ve become an NGSS … Continue reading

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Phenomena-driven Instruction in the Elementary Classroom: A Lot Like Herding Cats?

Guest blog post by Jen Brown-Whale An experienced cat herder has the knowledge and skill that comes with time and practice so that the management of their feline flock is not so much like, well, you know, herding cats. What … Continue reading

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